Material Properties & Material Data for FEA easily obtainend by using FEMCard Basic Material Data Software by DATAFEM

You have data from material testing and would like to evaluate this data for FEA? With the software tool FEMCard Basic you can read in and evaluate test data automatically for the material model of your choice. A graphical interface shows the optimization process and the quality of the identified material data set.



Get your copy of the current free trial of FEMCard Basic 1.3 (December 2015) and evaluate projects with either your own data or our demo test data.



Free Trial of FEMCard Basic Version 1.3 (zip, 423 MB)


Release Notes FEMCard Basic Vers. 1.3 (pdf)

Demo test data (zip, 8.4 MB)


FEMCard Basic Features (pdf)

Brochure "Material Data for FEA" (5 MB)


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Below screenshots of the software are shown. On the first we see the input menu. Here the user can choose between the most important material laws and import up to 20 stress-strain diagrams of different types of tests, such as tensile, biaxial and shear tests. On the one hand it is possible to assign different weights to the individual experiments. Similarly one can make weighting of the test sections, so that e.g. the rearmost area of ​​hardening of a metal is weighted higher than the elastic area at the beginning of the test.



On the second screenshot an intermediate step of the optimization process is shown. Material parameters of a transversal isotropic elastoplastic model are determined taking into account stress strain curves of three tensile tests (two of them with measured longitudinal and transverse strains and one shear test. 




The simulated green curves approach, depending on the material properties, continuously to the blue curves until an optimal mapping of all test is obtained with only one set of  material parameters. The last screenshot shows the successfully identified material data set and the iteration histories of all the individual material parameters.